Piacere dei Traversi

Piacere dei traversi is an early music ensemble integrated by Carmen Botella (soprano), Laura Palomar and Marisa Esparza (traversos) that performs Renaissance music by means of one of the most refined and appreciated instrumental combinations of that time: the Renaissance transverse flute consort, a sound experience as rich in nuances and colours as is rarely presented to the public. 

Elogio de las infantas

Music and literature for the daughters of the Catholic Monarchs

Among the five children of the Catholic Monarchs, four were women and queens of great historical and cultural relevance, as a result of their marriages, arranged for political purposes. This recording depicts a poetic and musical account of their lives, and is based on the recitation of the Epithalamium, a nuptial poem written by Antonio de Nebrija for the wedding of the Infanta Isabella and Prince Alfonso of Portugal. Other laudatory works from Hispanic humanist literature (Luis Vives, Francesc Eiximenis…) also accompany the selected musical repertoire, representative of the Castilian, Aragonese, Portuguese, English and Flemish -the Songbook of Joan I of Castile- courts, and allusive to the lives of the Infantas in them.